Jan. 14, 2022

71: Brian Clark: Don't Ask Unanswerable Questions

71: Brian Clark: Don't Ask Unanswerable Questions
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On September 11, 2001, in the south tower of the World Trade Center, only 18 people at or above the point of impact survived. Brian Clark was one of those 18 people. More than 20 years later, Brian joins the Digging Deep Podcast to talk about how that day has shaped his life. He describes the thoughts and emotions he experienced that day, and how on-the-spot decisions affected his fate – and the fates of those around him. His story brings up many unanswerable questions about the choices we make, and Brian doesn’t have any answers to those questions. In fact, a key part of what he teaches us is that we shouldn’t even be asking them in the first place. He doesn’t linger in the past, and he doesn’t waste too much time worrying about the future, either. He tells us that things will unfold as they should, and all you can do is live well and love well.

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