April 8, 2022

Allen Lau: Each Chapter is a Bigger Surprise

Allen Lau:  Each Chapter is a Bigger Surprise

Wattpad co-founder and CEO Allen Lau joins The Digging Deep Podcast to talk about Lego, rocket science, finding joy, and why just having an idea isn’t enough.

Imagine moving to a new country at 19 years old and going right into university, without being fully fluent in the language. That’s what Allen Lau did when his family moved to Canada from Hong Kong. He not only thrived in school, he went on to launch a company, Wattpad, that has millions of users all over the world and was sold in 2021 for a reported $750 million. In this episode, Allen tells us about a love of building things that started as a child with a pile of Lego, and his dream of becoming a rocket scientist. We learn that every overnight success story is actually a long, complicated journey with lots of ups and downs, trial and error, and many different iterations to get it right. Allen also explains how to go against conventional wisdom, why you shouldn't simply follow your passion and why the most important thing in life is finding joy on your terms.

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