July 4, 2022

Lock Around the Clock

Lock Around the Clock

The Clock atop Westmount City Hall needs a little winding. What exactly goes into it? 

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Transcription: Wow. Never realize what a historical heritage site Westmount City Hall is with its Scottish castle design, complete with central tower and turrets. The architectural wonder was is built and get this 1922. That's over 100 years old. A century and still ticking. Well, to be honest, it's humungous clock has only been ticking for 98 years. Kovid's collateral damage came to town, and then time stood still for two years. City hall was closed. Besides, there was no one there to wind, said the vintage clock, a beacon of light swallowed up by the night. But it didn't have to be that way. As a former West Mount part time employee, I knew how to wind the clock at the top of the tower, I was taught. First, you had to climb the tiny circular stairs up, almost there. Making sure to bend over like Quasimodo's hunchback for a touch of historical authenticity. Then slowly, delicately crank the winch, which would eventually restart the 100 year old marvelous masterpiece of a bygone era. And if the clock still didn't start seriously, this is what I was taught. Just kidding. The Friggin pendulum. There we go. By the way, COVID caused chaos in the Maritimes, too. In Newfoundland.