July 11, 2022

Let's Get Siri Us!

Let's Get Siri Us!

Doug's relationship with Siri is on the Wane. 

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Doug 00:00:00
Oh, that we would learn in time. Would like to thank my human buddy, Glenn for bringing this artificial intelligence glitch to my attention. Unfortunately for me, after the fact, as I was sitting at home alone attempting to dictate a letter with Siri this past Saturday night, Alexa had the weekend off. Little did I realize, not only does Siri remember every word that I say simultaneously, she also regurgitates every encouraging word heard from the TV, radio, song lyrics from the stereo, and heaven forbid your dog should bark or your parrot should decide to chime in. Of course, I didn't find out anything about this until I said no. Prince okay, Siri, let's see what we got, huh?

Siri 00:00:55
Sorry, I missed that. Could you say it again, please?

Doug 00:01:00
When is Alexa back, siri?

Siri 00:01:04
You're asking me, Douglas?