April 26, 2021

Another Awesome Intern Interview with Kyle De Freitas

Another Awesome Intern Interview with Kyle De Freitas

In this episode, I, Kyle De Freitas, an intern of Matt for the past three months have a sit down with Matt. I am from Centennial College and I am been studying Broadcasting and Film for the past three years. I am from Newmarket, Ontario but live near Toronto, Ontario. I have been doing a remote internship and have been helping Matt with various work tasks such as audio editing and editing podcast information. I recently got a job from Matt and will be working for him as an audio editor, it's a wonderful opportunity and I am very thankful for it.

It is a really fun interview as we discuss him growing up in Montreal, college, career, hobbies, and his radio/podcasting career. Enjoy the interview and learn more about the Hot Air Podcast Host, Matt Cundill.

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