Sept. 26, 2018

Don Woodstock is Keeping It Real

Don Woodstock is Keeping It Real

I first met Don Woodstock sometime in 2007 when he called me every day for a month asking if he could come to my office and give a presentation about changing the verbiage on our radio station. He wanted us to say "Recycle Day" instead of Garbage Day". His reasoning was to change the mindset of the listeners and to think Recycle instead of Garbage. After a while I thought about it and believed our young audience would be cool with it. They were and eventually Don found his way to city hall and got a motion passed that forever changed the way his city spoke about taking out the trash. 

Now Don is looking to do the same at City Hall. He wants to become Mayor of Winnipeg. Don is a down to earth guy who has ideas. They are progressive and sometimes out there. But his views on crime and the environment have always interested me; especially how other cities have fulfilled the ideas he has tabled including banning plastic bags and bottled water. So in the midst of an election in Winnipeg, I asked him to come over and we could have a political conversation.

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