May 2, 2020

Matt Gets Interviewed

Matt Gets Interviewed

In this episode, I, not Matt Cundill, interview Matt Cundill. I'm Evan Midford, a communications student at Red River College, and I've been working for Matt for the last three weeks on work placement. I've done a lot of different work for Matt, and this is my final chance to really practice my interviewing skills before I head off into the working world.

It's a great interview. We talk about Matt's upbringing in Montreal, his career in radio, and, most importantly, the band Tool. We talk about other things as well including the nature of music distribution and Matt's favourite band: Rush (not Tool, I know).

We cover a lot of ground, and it was a lot of fun recording it.


p.s. If you'd like to connect, check out my website and my LinkedIn profile (it's just my name, Evan Midford)

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