April 4, 2020

Ruth Dorsainville

Ruth Dorsainville

I met Ruth when she hired me to do some voiceover work for her podcast which is going to be launched shortly. check the show notes of the episode and i’ll have the link in there when it is launched. ruth is a speaker, business coach, and a successful entrepreneur. she’s been on wall street, Bali, Australia, and Las Vegas. she was raised in Montreal, the daughter of Haitian immigrants who wanted to set her life up for the type of success that gets shown on tv. when i did the voiceover for ruth’s podcast trailer and introduction, she sounded fascinating. So I asked her to come on the show so i could hear her story. 

To Reach Ruth to be on your podcast, Youtube Channel, or appear at your event, contact her through her website. She also offers a free strategy call that you will likely find helpful, the same way I did.

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