March 30, 2020

Adjusting Through Uncertainty w Psychologist Lindsay Borovay

Adjusting Through Uncertainty w Psychologist Lindsay Borovay

Each generation has their own challenges and adjustments during this pandemic. From toddlers and preschoolers, to teens and baby boomers- this virus hits us very differently- especially for the stage and experiences we should be going through. Clinical psychologist Lindsay Borovay from the Borovay Psychology Clinic has been conducting virtual sessions with her patients since the crisis broke out and has some great tips and insight in how we can find some calm in the unwavering storm.
Lindsay, who works predominantly with children discusses the shift in certain age groups and what they should be experiencing vs the reality. She offers tips and solutions for allowing them to go through a natural progression and fulfilling their needs as best as we can as parents. 

Lindsay focuses on finding the calm in the chaos, dealing with uncertainty and fears, anxiety in our children as well as in us. 

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