June 11, 2020

"Adrenal Fatigue": How Britain's Marek Doyle Is Changing The Conversation

"Adrenal Fatigue":  How Britain's Marek Doyle Is Changing The Conversation

"Adrenal Fatigue"
It's a buzz word we seem to hear often enough and yet it's actually not an accepted medical diagnosis. It is a lay term applied to a collection or a cluster of nonspecific symptoms, such as body aches, fatigue, brain fog, nervousness, stress, sleep disturbances, cold hands and feet, digestive problems and the list goes on.
Marek Doyle, a British Functional Nutrition Therapist has spent the last 13 years looking through data, patient outcomes and the disconnect between scientific literature, medical standard of care and real life outcomes. This was a personal mission for Marek having to face his own metabolic issues as well.

Featured in a number of media publications like Men's Health and the Daily Mail, this Londoner, prior to covid, was a popular attraction at numerous conferences including the Health Optimization Summit in which he spoke about the Adrenal Immune Cycle. We talk about his personalized approach to each individual and how their body thrives or misfires,  the mechanisms that link stress, inflammation and energy metabolism, organic acid tests and so much more.
For more information about Marek check out  http://www.marekdoyle.com

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