July 2, 2020

Balanced Plate Nutritionist Melanie Reid-Woodcock On Feeding Your Family

Balanced Plate Nutritionist Melanie Reid-Woodcock On Feeding Your Family

For months I didn’t spend a cent on gas. I had a tank that seriously lasted me almost four months and my credit card saw very few purchases. I wore the same outfit days at a time, the shampoo and conditioner lasted longer-(I mean I never did my hair)  and I rarely ate a meal that wasn’t cooked and prepared in my home. Which brings me to the totally absurd amount I spent on groceries- never had I seen the bills look that way- or the food in the fridge disappear as fast as it came in. All meals were eaten at home, all snacks, late night snacks, bored eating snacks emotional eating snacks, everything…was part of our new normal. 

I have a family of four- two daughters- I can’t imagine what the grocery bill was like for my friends with teenage sons. 

So, while much of the stranded at home is behind us- we are still struggling with food- snacks, eating, budgeting, healthy foods, healthy snacks and meal planning through the summer. I've brought in some help to give you some additional resources, tips, tricks and inspiration and she’s even handing over her top 15 healthy Costco snack list.
Melanis Reid-Woodcock is a mom of 4, a registered Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of Balanced Plate Nutrition and The Balance Mama Method. Melanie had four kids in 8 years, struggled  to bounce back, struggled to find her new sexy, and in time managed to find her ways to optimize her time and the families schedule and routine.
It’s possible to achieve your optimal health in a way that fits your current lifestyle and have Simplicity, Vitality & Balance.

For more information: https://balancedplatenutrition.com/

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