Dec. 12, 2019

Energy Healing- How Diane Lanthier Unblocks What's Holding You Back

Energy Healing-  How Diane Lanthier  Unblocks What's Holding You Back

Sometimes you can walk into a room of people, and be able to describe the energy in the room. It can feel cold or hostile, or on the other spectrum can feel warm and inviting.  
Albert Einstein explains that energy cannot be created or destroyed- it can only be changed from one form to another.
Here are some of my favorite "quotes" on energy:
 "Energy is contagious- either you affect people or you infect people"
" We become what we think about…energy flows where attention goes"

I doubt I would have picked this topic a year ago, but based on my personal experience and the shift I have been making- I am more aware than ever about the power of our energy and focus, and want to share that with you.

Energy healer, certified Reiki master, EFT & regression works practitioner and author Diane Lanthier is my guest this week. We will dive deeper into Emotional Freedom Techniques also known as tapping. I will say, with most questions I threw at Diane, EFT continued to be brought back into the discussion.

There is no mention of psychic readings, tarrot cards or crystal balls in this podcast- simply the understanding that the energy in our bodies have the ability to block us from our wants and needs as well as manfiest into so much more.

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