Feb. 28, 2019

Heart Attack Surviver Rob Stamper on Finding New Ways To Feed The Soul

Heart Attack Surviver Rob Stamper on  Finding New Ways To Feed The Soul

Rob Stamper is not a doctor, nutritionist, trainer or wellness practitioner- but he does have quite the story that I felt might resonate with some of you. Rob suffered a heart attack at the age of 46. Maybe I am just extra sensitive when it comes to “Heart Health” because I lost my dad Jeffrey to a massive heart attack the day after he turned 57. It was also two weeks before my wedding- and my world was shaken to its core. I truly believe had I been more aware to his “indigestion” or growing mid section or lack of exercise I would still have my dad with me today.

Rob reminded me of my dad- since they are both chefs. We are just wrapping up Heart Health Month and I wanted to make sure we got this podcast in. At one point in his life Rob was active and sporty but a military injury limited his mobility and with it the drive to remain active. Then the years of deep-fried food, smoking and a hectic work schedule caught up. This podcast is the story of recovery and rebuilding and we talk a lot about food- lots and lots of food. Rob who I mentioned is a chef has a new project in development which is called “Sumpna Eat” Something to eat with real skills for real food. Rob has developed recipes and tips which limit the amount of salt and “forbidden” foods for heart disease patients. These recipes really apply to everyone-  He has some unique recipes which bring the emotional connection people have with food to the for front and he helps satiate them. 

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