March 19, 2020

Let's Talk About Sex, Love, Intimacy, Communication & More w Rachel Wright

Let's Talk About Sex, Love, Intimacy, Communication & More w Rachel Wright

There is something to be learned from the stories we see unfolding when we watch shows like "The Bachelor or Bachelorette". Leaving the producers and the most dramatic endings out of this-  it’s a breakdown of relationships, communications, sex, jealousy,  vulnerability and the list goes on….

Rachel and Kyle Wright, founders of the Wright Wellness Center created a hit podcast- "The wright reasons – through the lens of the bachelor franchise". Essentially the Bachelor equivalent of Sports Center- real talk- real analysis – real experts….
Rachel, who is a license psychotherapist, marriage councillor, sex educator, speaker and writer started to realize just how much dialogue was lacking when it came to relationships, marriage, communication and the list goes on. As the popularity of the podcast grew- so did the topics. In fact--  in truth-- this quickly moved past the singles and into those in relationships- all relationships navigating sex, intimacy, transformation- all things-everything-  not taught in school. We seriously talk about everything in this podcast, sex ed, scheduled sex, monogamy, teen sex, love language, communication, sexless marriages and everything else you can possibly imagine....or not imagine...but we go there!

On a side note- Rachel had more to her story than I realized and just last week she published this article for Shape Magazine. I was speechless. This was not part of our podcast but I thought it might be an interesting read.

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