May 21, 2020

Longevity, Ageing And The Science Behind "C60"- Chris Burress Explains

Longevity, Ageing And The Science Behind "C60"- Chris Burress Explains

How does living longer while feeling better sound to you?
Ever heard of "Mammal Longevity Research, Carbon Nano-Materials and Nano Antioxidants? Don't worry- neither had I. 
I've brought in the mad scientist himself, Chris Burress, the Founder of SES Research and "My Vital C" to help us understand some ground breaking research that is having a huge impact on the health and wellness scene.
In 1991 Chris’s company became the first company to deliver carbon nanomaterials, much of it was based on Nobel Prize-winning chemistry and research by NASA, proven to significantly increase the lifespan of mammals. With that being said-  The supplement ESS60 was born.

We dig deeper into the research, understand the impact of free radicals and learn how the olive oil based C60  is proving to help with sleep, pain, the nervous system, the ageing process and so much more. 

With his incredible background in sport, engineering, oils and gases and even comedy- Chris is quite the guest. He is also  the co-host of The SEO Podcast, the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes since 2009.

Chris also mentions in the podcast a few free audiobooks- the link is attached to listen with no email required. 

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