Sept. 5, 2019

Olympic Coach Mentoring The Next Generation- Pierre Lafontaine Leads By Example

Olympic Coach Mentoring The Next Generation- Pierre Lafontaine Leads By Example

If you are a teacher or a coach- this podcast is a must listen! If you wish to mentor the next generation- listen to this podcast and if you see yourself as a future leader- learn from a person who inspires many.  

Pierre Lafontaine is not a household name in the traditional sense. He doesn’t have million dollar sports contracts despite the fact he’s always been on top of his game for decades. He has worked with the world’s top swimmers and cyclists. Guided the countries top student athletes and worked hand in hand with national and Olympic athletes from around the world. What’s unique about Pierre’s ability to move within the sports circles is that he is doing it as well with politicians and business leaders. In the name of sports, Pierre has seen it all. 

This isn’t a podcast about training the countries elite athletes- it's about how we as people /humans are meant to be active and healthy both physically and mentally. How sports is supposed to be about moving and training our bodies, being focused, working together as team and enjoying success. Getting a nation active and healthy is a massive task- but people are laying the foundation. The National Health And Fitness Foundation is made up of members of parliament, senators, and government leaders to help Canadians lead healthy, active lifestyles. A National health and fitness day actually exists- did you know that? Maybe that wasn’t covered in the phys-ed class we didn’t have to take, Or, maybe it wasn’t mentioned as kids are playing a single sport from the time they are born with a parent dreaming of them going pro one day.

Pierre takes us through what it means to lead by example, offers ideas and opportunities to families who can't afford to "play" and emphasizes why its our responsibility to take action for the next generation.

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