June 25, 2020

One Breath, One Step At A Time; JOGA's Jana Webb On Survival & Triumph

One Breath,  One Step At A Time; JOGA's Jana Webb On Survival & Triumph

I had heard the name Jana Webb circulating in my cirlces for quite some time- either through the athletic world or the TV world, but we had never actually met or crossed paths. Then in the span of two weeks Jana was a guest on two different virtual events I was hosting and the timing was perfect for have her on as a guest.

Some of you may be familiar with her name if you are a fan of The Real Housewives of Toronto or maybe you have heard of JOGA or JOGA House. Jana created JOGA which is yoga for athletes, a popular training tool for professional sports teams and you may have seen her on youtube, entertainment tonight, TEDTalks, on the cover of fitness magazines….and the list goes on.

Her success training professional athletes all around the world is amazing and the concept behind JOGA is something I was eager to learn more about- movement and breath. But that's just a sliver of the story- it's her miraculous recovery from a horrible car accident a few years ago that really puts into perspective the power of the body to heal itself, and the power of the mind to be the greatest asset. Jana is still recovering from a broken back in three places and serious concussion symptoms but is living in the present moment and using our authentic voice to do so. There is plenty to learn from her story and inspiring tools and outlooks to bring into your own life. 

You can find more about Jana on Instagram and twitter under @jogajana

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