April 30, 2020

One Step At A Time- Run Ottawa's Ian Fraser Offers Up Insight & Inspiration

One Step At A Time- Run Ottawa's Ian Fraser Offers Up Insight & Inspiration

"If It Doesn't Challenge You , It Won't Change You"

The one opportunity many of us have right now is to get outside and go for a walk or a run, even a bike ride and feel the wind, the sun and the fresh air. It really becomes a sense of freedom from the forced qurantine and life within our four walls.

Let's Get You Moving: Ian Fraser-  President of Run Ottawa and Race Director of Tamarack Race Weekend- the weekend has now gone virtual- but with some amazing new opportunities...

We’ve got some great stories about Ian’s athletic journey but also some great insight into how many of you can take the opportunity over the next few months to get out and run- or walk- maybe even run further than you thought, faster than you thought. I love his tips and insight into the activity as well as how to get started- especially if your starting point is the couch. He talks about runnings influence on mental health- despression, anxiety and so much more. This is about becoming a participant, not a competitor and probably what inspired me to head out for my run this past weekend. Its a great story with lots of takeaways- even if you don't plan on lacing up the shoes.

Ian Fraser is a former Canadian elite ironman competitor, cyclist, runner, restauranteur, and entrepreneur. Last fall Ian took over as President of Run Ottawa as well as Race Director for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. For those in the Ottawa area and cylcing community you may be familiar with Cyclelogic-that’s Ian’s baby- although he happily closed the doors this past fall.

For more on getting involved: http://www.runottawa.ca

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