July 30, 2020

"Purposeful Pause" & "Positive Disruption" with Traci Shepheard

"Purposeful Pause" & "Positive Disruption" with Traci Shepheard

Many of us lately, for a few months now,  haven’t been sitting in rush hour traffic and juggling work, errands, carpools and extra curricular activities. Stress levels, aside from the fact we are living through and coming out of a world pandemic, will likely set back in- and maybe we will find we return to the craziness with a new perspective and focus.

I know my focus and perspective on life changed a few years ago leaving the world of television behind in search of personal growth and new challenges. My guest today experienced something very similar. Traci Shepheard was enjoying an incredibly successful 20 plus year career in the corporate world. Mingling with celebrities, jetting off to new destinations, traveling, running the show and keeping up with every mover and shaker in her industry. - And then her mission changed, and it really slowed down, down to the point, where breath, a simple breath became her focus.

Traci created Meditation Works Mindstream, Canada’s first mobile meditation studio with the mission of sharing the benefits of meditation with Canadians, positively disrupting their day.

Traci’s concept gained national exposure when she pulled up to hospital driveways in her iconic Airstream bus during Covid and gave the staff a much needed reprieve from the craziness inside. 

You can find more information at https://meditationworks.com/

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