June 4, 2020

Raising Our Children In Unusual Times w Author & Educator Lindsay Sealey

Raising Our Children In Unusual Times w Author & Educator Lindsay Sealey

Keeping our children in mind, I figured this was a great time to bring in Lindsay Sealey. 
Lindsay is an educator, consultant, mentor and facilitator. She is the author of Growing Strong Girls and Rooted, Resilient and Ready and she’s the CEO and founder of Bold New Girls and Brave New Boys.  Bold New Girls is a unique teaching and coaching company, merging academic, social and emotional support, while emphasizing empowerment.

Right now we are having difficult conversations, cancelations of plans and opportunities, online schooling, endless screen time, limited social interaction, or worse- sexting, the challenges of healthy eating, daily movement and the list goes. Not only are we as parents exhausted- I can only imagine the educators are as well- juggling their own families while being on line with ours. We have gone through periods of focus and attention with school work to  more recently total agitation and frustration of it as well. Socially we are all adapting- although not necessarily for the better. Lindsay helps us understand what might be happening with their maturing brains. 

For any of you past these growing pains, well past puberty, or childhood and into your adult years- you might recognize how maybe - had topics or events been handled or discussed differently with your parents – the way you see things or the experiences you had may have been different. 

Lindsay, considers herself a difference maker, a social activist intentional about promoting local and global social change joined us from Vancouver.

For more: https://www.lindsaysealey.com/

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