Jan. 3, 2019

Remember The Real Me: Navigating Dementia with Dr. Frank Knoefel

Remember The Real Me: Navigating Dementia with Dr. Frank Knoefel

As you settle into 2019, with new resolutions, goals and mindset – keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is critical for more than just your waistline and heart health. The focus of this week's podcast is on our brain heath and memory. Dementia as been recognized by the World Health Organization as a public health priority. It has significant social, medical and economic implications with total costs estimated to be over $604 billion US. There are critical factors that lead to dementia and we tackle them in this podcast with Dr. Frank Knoefel from the Bruyère Research Institute and Memory Program. Dr. Knoefel, a physician trained in the care of elderly patients also has extensive experience in geriatric rehabilitation. As a former Chief of Staff with the Institute, he shares some amazing stories, research and advancements in the work that is being done. There are things you can do for yourself and your loved ones that can help diminish the onset of dementia and also extend quality of life. This podcast also reaffirms my fascination of how individuals find themselves working in the fields they do and what they strive for in their everyday life.

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