Feb. 24, 2020

Setting Boundaries & Finding Personal Freedom w Author Nancy Levin

Setting Boundaries & Finding Personal Freedom w Author Nancy Levin

Have you ever set boundaries-  I mean your own personal boundaries,  or do you constantly tell yourself that some things are simply out of your control? You find yourself feeling let down, walked over, taken advantage of or worse silenced. 

Our emotional and physical systems are tracking our boundaries all the time. The trouble—the reason - as you will learn in Nancy Levin’s book—is that in many cases, our conscious mind is totally unaware we have a boundary, much less that it’s been crossed.
Nancy Levin, is a master life coach, radio host and best selling author of five books including her latest “Setting Boundaries will set you Free: The Ultimate Guide To Telling The Truth, Creating Connection and Finding Freedom”. She has coached thousands of people to live their lives on their own terms by making themselves a priority and setting boundaries that stick.

Here is something to think about:

When we are avoiding external conflict- we are creating more internal conflict. 
Someons else's response to our truth is not our responsibility, its theirs.
She produced more than a 1000 events for Hay House Publishing, doing everything for others, while letting her own life come crashing down- she was quick to notice the pattern,  shift, and set her sights on helping others.

At the end of the podcast we talk about the course Nancy is launching with the registration deadline just a few days away- I have attached her link with all the details. 


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