July 9, 2020

Spiritual Psychologist Cherie Burton On Woman Seeking Wholeness

Spiritual Psychologist Cherie Burton On Woman Seeking Wholeness

So often I hear from woman who are going through transformation- looking to find themselves, be healthier, engage in more meaningful relationships, remove the limiting beliefs and the roadblocks that seem to turn up at every corner - And even If we are strong, powerful woman, why is it that sometimes we feel disconnected, empty and incomplete.

Cherie Burton is a pioneering spiritual psychologist whose evolutionary "STAND SPEAK SHINE" method transforms women into authentically embodied and empowered feminine leaders. As a mother of six, author, international speaker and host of "The Women Seeking Wholeness Podcast" she is passionately driven to guide women to heal, express and create, using the “new feminine leadership paradigm.”
I also get, from this intro that it would seem life has been nothing but rainbows and unicorns for this former beauty queen. However, for decades, she battled feelings of shame, insignificance & depression. She comes from a family pedigree riddled with addiction & mental illness. She lost a sister to suicide and lost her own daughter at just 4 days old. Cherie’s journey, life experience, coaching and emotional healing methods is what I hope will inspire you over the course of the podcast. Cheris is based out of Utah. 

You can find more information at: https://cherieburton.com/

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