Oct. 17, 2019

The Billion Dollar Rise, Fall & Rebound of Canopy Growth's Bruce Linton

The Billion Dollar Rise, Fall  & Rebound of Canopy Growth's Bruce Linton

Move over BNN and MSNBC. I managed to get former Canopy Growth Founder and CEO Bruce Linton to sit for an hour. He thought it couldn't be done- and time flew :)

Where do you start when you know the man sitting across from you helped build a company valued in its infancy years at almost 20 Billion Dollars (Canadian). We had plenty to talk about!

It’s always had a bit of a Hollywood script to it- An abandoned chocolate factory turned into a thriving production line of contraversal product, which might, make one crave chocolate after consumption. The movie could be a bio-pic of about Bruce Linton’s life- or at least the stage in his life when he built Canopy Growth- one of the biggest publicly traded cannabis companies in the world. Rewind less than a decade and this wasn’t an easy conversation to have at a board room table. This journey has several twisted forks in the road that led to this opportunity, scarier than most of us would be willing to venture on- but Bruce, a graduate of Carleton University hopped on board- almost like a magic carpet. He traveled and we marveled at what he was able to accomplish, until the magic died.

I’m not sure why I make the comparison of Bruce’s entrpreneurhip reign to an elite athlete but I do- at the top of ones game- only to be traded and sent down to the minors. Bruce was fired not long ago from his post as CEO, but like any true champion, you find your way back to the top and it seems like Bruce has been quick to rebound.

We talk about business, mentorship, leadership, transformation, family, weed, drugs, government and the list goes on. I really enjoyed the time we spent talking and know we will continue to see his name in the headlines with his latest projects and ventures.

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