April 16, 2020

The Six Pillars Of Health & The Tools To Thrive w Ben Pakulski

The Six Pillars Of Health & The Tools To Thrive  w Ben Pakulski

In the midst of these incredibly challenging times there is a wonderful opportunity for you to return to your own personal health and well being. To reset, adjust and optimize your health- despite certain roadblocks you might think are in front of you- there are solutions.  ( Also, no judgement whatsoever, if just getting through the days is an accomplishent- that takes courage too).
Peak performance and mindset coach Ben Pakulski is the founder of Ben Pakulski Fitness International, a former Mr. Canada,former Mr. Olympia competitor, professional body builder and Host of The Muscle Intelligence Podcast and it's brands. He has helped a 100 thousand men and woman change their body and their life with his transformation methods. I met Ben when I was hosting CTV Morning Live. He is solid rock, a mountain of a man made of nothing but muscle, with a heart of gold and a mind that will intrigue you. This married father of 3 is not here to “Pump You Up” but rather help you bio hack your life with focus on nutrition, sleep, hormones, mindfuleness, strength and the list goes on. I'm excited for him to give you his perspective on the 6 pillars of health. He is a deep thinker, a spiritual person and you appreciate the work and time he has put into understanding the human mind body connection. He also has some great stories from his own podcast with his world reknown guests and health experts.

For more on Ben, his podcast, products and programs check out: 

www.benpakulski.com or www.muscleintelligencepodcast.com


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