Feb. 6, 2020

Vaping: Facing A Crisis With Leading Expert Dr. Andrew Pipe

Vaping: Facing A Crisis With Leading Expert Dr. Andrew Pipe

I am so excited to be tackling this topic and being able to do it with Dr. Andrew Pipe, one of Canada's leading experts on this topic.

I have already mentioned to my girlfriends that it's a must listen (especially for anyone with teenage aged kids). Its scary, eye opening and something you need to be be up to date with. Did you know there is an actutal vaping line of clothes desgined to conceal the actual vapes so kids can vape in class? Did you know, last month, the yougest victim to die from vaping related illness was just 15 years old and would you be surprised to know that vaping is harder to quit than smoking?

I remember reading a quote by Dr. Andrew Pipe, former chief of the Division of Prevention and Rehabilitation at the University Of Ottawa Heart Institute and a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa in which he stated. "Vaping is an issue that’s screaming for attention...we’re seeing a public health disaster unfolding in front of our eyes"

Dr. Pipe, an Order of Canada recipient,  is currently involved in clinical research assessing new approaches to smoking cessation, strategies designed to facilitate exercise adoption and novel initiatives to prevent cardiovascular disease.

He has addressed audiences in over 30 nations and is frequently consulted on issues related to tobacco use and smoking cessation, drug use in sport, and physical activity and health.

Now he has school prinicipals and administrators eager for any of his time, guidance and advice on this crisis. At the end of the day- its going to come down to government poliicy and pressure by the public to make changes.

Also a heads up- NO, I will not be bringing in someone from the Tabacco industry to counter the arguments :)

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