Nov. 14, 2019

Your Guide To Happiness, Kindness & Forgiveness w Happiness Expert Kathie Donovan

Your Guide To Happiness, Kindness & Forgiveness w Happiness Expert Kathie Donovan

Remember the slogan and the song...."Don't worry - Be Happy"?
How wonderful life would be if it were just that easy.
That's exactly the topic of this week's podcast and I found the discussion quite fascinating.

We all seem to know someone, who always seems to be smiling, happy, content, grateful- we think they must be faking it, putting on an act to mask their real emotions and pain. I mean, let's be honest – who is really that happy. Is it actually possible?

 Are we so numb to people talking about feeling anxious, stressed and depressed that we just expect that to be the norm….has status quo become about surviving rather than thriving…

The truth is- there are people out there who are genuinely happy, who see the positive in life, even during difficult times. There are people who have constant compassion and appreciation for life. Who find it easier to smile than to frown and who have the ability to spread their joy and light to others.
Let me introduce you to Happiness Exprt Kathie Donavon.

 Now its not that Kathy, a former tv personality, sees rainbows and unicorns all the time – in fact at one point in her life, Kathy called herself an unhappiness expert- very familiar with shame, doubt, fear and all the things that hold us back from feeling good. She changed her reality and she has some wonderful stories on how you can do the same. Inspiration in Action- A Womans Guide To Happiness is one of her books, along with Harnessing The Radical Power Of Courage…

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