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I Love hearing the Stories and Connection that Prince and his music had on other Fams!! You can hear the Love coming through the Podcast! Great Show, Dana, all the conversations flow nicely.

4 The Fams

Just discovered this and enjoyed the stories from other FAMS who shared their Princ3 journey . Interviews move along smoothly and are funny honest and you just know the level of Prince depth and knowledge the hist and guests have.

Great Purple Podcast!

A fantastic podcast hosted by radio professional and super fan, Dana Marshall. Always great guests and always entertaining.

If you love Prince, you must listen

This is a true Prince podcast of real Prince fans.

Great personal Prince pod

Dana is a radio professional and it shows. I LOVE hearing personal experiences with not just people who knew Prince, but how the music inspired and touched the “average” listener. Nicely done and worth a listen.