June 15, 2017

Finding Shelley Desrochers: Part Eight – New Year’s Eve 2015

Finding Shelley Desrochers: Part Eight – New Year’s Eve 2015

We call in the London Police after making a gruesome discovery. Karla and Chris Williams P.I. enter dangerous situations while trying to uncover the truth about Shelley Desrocher’s disappearance. At this point in time, we’ve been led to a group of individuals and one theory that seems highly likely. These possible suspects seem to be exhibiting strange behaviour after our meddling. The pieces seem to start falling into place after one source becomes hysterical while describing a party that took place on New Year’s Eve, just days before Shelley went missing.

Host and Producer:  Karla Stephens-Tolstoy Editor and Co-Producer:  Joel at East Coast Radio Creative http://eastcoastradiocreative.ca

Thanks to:

Canadian Private Investigation Services http://cpis.ca

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