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Pat Hughes Vancouver

Kratom saved my life and thanks for doing this podcast as more people need to know about it

Required Listening

Great podcast breaking down social issues typically not discussed. The approach the hosts have to each topic is refreshingly relatable as you feel as though you're along for the ride as Karla delves in to various issues, and not simply sitting in on a lecture. If the show's goal is to present an unbiased disection of social issues lurking outside of our doors to raise our awareness and hopefully spark action, then it has succeeded tenfold. Truly required listening.

Thanks for supporting

Thanks for supporting Mysisters place and keeping Shelley disappreance in the media

messed up- shelley

some of the stuff is so messed up- shelley probably overdosed and her body is in some garbage can

Very good speaking podcast

I hear Karla speak at an event about her experience podcasting and how she started off wothout a mic and had no idea what she doing but just kept going with it.

more conversational

I like how she and the male host share the voice over makes it sound more conversational

so good

I met karla at an event she mentioned her podcast and that it was very amateur and she is learning so my expection was low but it is so good!


I think shelley was killed by a predator as I read that book that London has lots of serial killers

My sisters place

I had no idea this place existed in London- thanks for the information and donation!

My sisters place

My niece used My sisters placed a lot so thank you for donating money to it~

Maclaren Hall

I went to McLaren hall and I saw firsthand what the staff and all those people who call themselves advocate did to us kids and I'm glad someone is speaking out about it but when I listen to the stories I get sadand I think they trigger me so I can only listen to a few minutes at a time

My story

I reached out to this podcast a few times and I did get a response but I could not get her to commit to doing a story on my friend who went missing but I hope she changes her mind and wants to do it as my friend needs to be found


I saw that the poetry of murder episode is one of the top 200 iTunes episodes and I really liked it because I never really thought about killers and their poetry.

harm reduction

I do not think that harm reduction helps anyone I do not believe you should give a drug attic to more drugs and have it paid for by the government this is when I'm glad that someone like Trump is in town is in town because he would because if they did that in the states they be in even worse condition.

In london

I think I saw the host in London the other day as I saw someone that was interviewing people in front of the crack houses I was surprised to see them talking to so many people about the Shelley story keep it up it needs to be told


I have travelled through the town of Kenora many times on my way out west it is such a beautiful town and I did not realize how many residential schools were in that town I think it said in the podcast close to eight I also did not realize that the drug culture had also come to Kenora it is so sad to see what it has done to our youth

I like it

I just started listening to this podcast and I'm about halfway through the episode and I am quite impressed about the depth that the stories cover and the fact that it is trying to improve current conditions. I come from the foster care system and although I had some good homes I also had some horrible homes that still haunts me to this day

Shelley missing

Wow I had no idea that human trafficking is an issue in canada. I really enjoy this podcast as I love truecrime and is close to where I live . I feel sad for the whole family who must be suffering not knowing what happened to her.

Important service

Standu Up Speak Up has helped me seeing a face of my city (London, ON) that I wasn't aware of. Thank you for your great work.

People like Shelly shouldn't be swept under the rug!

It's very thought-provoking hearing the questioning around the police service and their involvement in missing persons cases in situations where the person was engaged in the prostitution trade. For most of us the police service is something we don't question and take for what it is. I think it's important we think about cases like Shelley Desrocher's and consider to what level the police are involved. I believe it takes podcasts like this to make some headway into finding women like Shelley by bringing awareness of these cases to the public and hopefully engaging private resources to do so.


Extremely eye-opening and thought provoking

Amazing work

A great script, very well done and looking foreword to the next segment. So educational and thought invoking.


I really enjoyed listing to these. I thought that they were all really educational, and made me think. It brought up a lot of social issues that I was not as educated on before, important issues. It brought awareness, which can be one of the most important things. It was sad and heart wrenching at times, but yet interesting to listen to. They were the first podcasts I ever listened to and I can't wait to listen to the rest, as I love the series so much. Amazing work. So thoughtful and great. You must be an amazing woman to bring all of these issues to light and educate us all on so much. Thank you.

Highly recommend

Very powerful stories truly inspires me to be a better person and to help my community.

Shelley story needs to be told

The story in parts is hard to listen to, but needs to be told, as we need to do more in this area. From a true crime angle it is a very engaging listen.

Making a difference - One episode at a time

Thought-provoking and insightful, Karla and her team at Tokii have done an incredible job raising awareness and educating others on such downplayed and ignored worldwide issues within each episode. These podcasts are also inspiring and encourage listeners to not only stand up and speak up, but make a difference. These are all things many of us are lacking and we must find the courage to do so as it can change lives. ❤️ I eagerly look forward to each new episode.

Finding shelley

My hearts goes out to her family must be horrible to not know. God bless

Unique Podcast

I like the partnership between the editor and host- as they make a good investigative team as you can tell Karla is new to this media but kudos for doing it.

It's time to pay attention

The subject matter forces one to acknowledge what people would prefer to sweep underneath the carpet. Well done I look forward to hearing future podcast

Shelley Series

So informative and really digs into who she was as well as what happened!