Feb. 28, 2022

Adam Wills: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, and Podcasts

Adam Wills: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, and Podcasts

Adam Wills is a law enforcement veteran of 15 years turned business and marketing expert. Adam is passionate about helping fellow law enforcement achieve their business goals. He is the Marketing Strategist for his brand StoryWeb Creative, a Business Training Officer at LEO2CEO, and the CEO of BreacherCRM, a business and marketing software purpose-built for Law Enforcement Instructors. One of our personal favorites in the podcast scene, Adam can help you manage your entrepreneurial journey from cop to COPpreneur with the COPreneur Podcast.

Adam Kinakin and Adam Wills start off with a conversation about officer mental health - if you need to talk, the law enforcement community is here for you. 

The Adam’s talk all things business in this episode, including Adam Wills work with BreacherCRM, the LEO2CEO Community, and other projects designed to help take you from law enforcement officer to a successful business owner. They dive into key takeaways for your entrepreneurial journey, particularly building your network and laying the groundwork while you are still active duty. 


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Filthy Pirate Coffee is a LEO owned coffee company recommended specifically by Adam Wills. Founders Dan and Kurt also operate the Talking Filthy Police Podcast to pass on wellness information and resources to LEO’s who need it. 


All of our work here at the ILET Network is made possible with BreacherCRM - a software built by law enforcement for law enforcement. BreacherCRM allows you to track and nurture leads, increase client retention, book more classes, and create recurring revenue. Adam Wills and the rest of the team have been phenomenal to work with! 


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