Dec. 25, 2021

Dan Greene: Going Beyond the Basics in Law Enforcement Training

Dan Greene: Going Beyond the Basics in Law Enforcement Training

Dan has worked as a law enforcement professional in the state of Arizona for over twenty-four years. Dan began his career as an officer in 1996 and in 1998 was selected as a Field Training Officer where he served until 2000.  After two years as a detective, Dan returned to training and mentoring new employees and remained there until 2006 when he was promoted to Sergeant and began his leadership role supervising officers in the field.  A year later, Dan was selected to the Field Training Unit once more, this time, inheriting the team as its supervisor.  For seven years Dan led this critical and active team. As part of his role as the FTO Sergeant, Dan trained approximately 20 newly promoted supervisors. 

Dan’s first interest in teaching was as a Defensive Tactics Instructor.  Dan earned his certification in 2000.  Since that time, Dan has had the opportunity to teach countless hours within the field.  Dan has taught use of force related topics at ALEA, CGCC Reserve Academy, and internally at the Chandler Police Department.  Dan has also developed outlines and taught classes for basic level use of force courses all the way up to DT Instructor School.  For nearly five years Dan acted as his department's lead Use of Force Instructor and was responsible for teaching, facilitating, and preparing for classes as well as developing his DT staff.  

Dan is currently a certified Subject Matter Expert in General Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Ground Survival Instructor, Field Training Officer, Adult Learning Instructor, Ethics and Leadership Instructor.

Dan also has extensive training through institutions such as Arizona Police Officers Standards and Training, National Institute of Ethics, Jack Enter’s Proactive Leadership Strategies, Franklin/Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and Franklin/Covey The Nobility of Policing.

Dan works as a consultant with law enforcement agencies to help develop Standardized Evaluations for FTO programs, continuous and advanced training for Field Training Officers, liability and case law updates as well as redeveloping the structure of the program to include more commonly known adult learning techniques. During his time as an FTO and an FTO Sergeant, he has played a role in training over 250 new officers.

Dan is currently the Executive Director for the National Association of Field Training Officers. Prior to that appointment, Dan served six years as an elected executive board member of NAFTO as well as eight years as Vice President of the Arizona Chapter. Dan has developed course material and presentations for Standardized Evaluations, Adult Learning, Leadership, Ethics, and Officer Safety.  As well as developed and taught courses for introductory Field Training Schools, Advanced Field Training, and Field Training Unit Management.  Dan has also enjoyed the opportunity to present classes for local, county, and state law enforcement across the American Southwest, as well as US Army civilian police, civilian employees, sheriff staff, detention officers, and supervisors. 

In 2017 Dan was honored to receive the ILEETA International Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year award.

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