May 4, 2020

Evidence Based Policing, Social Media, and Police Culture with Amy Boudreau

Evidence Based Policing, Social Media, and Police Culture with Amy Boudreau

Constable Amy Boudreau is an International Crime Prevention Specialist (ICPS) our of Ontario, Canada. She sits down with Adam to discuss Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) and what officers and agencies can do to increase their efficiency. They also discuss social media, bot its effect and affect on current police culture, and how it can greatly benefit both officers and agencies in community outreach. 


Amy is a writer and public speaker who has provided her subject matter expertise to news media outlets, including video/radio/podcast interviews, news clips, and article publications. She advocates for evidence-based policing (EBP); law enforcement social media (LESM); gender equity and inclusion; first responder wellness through the use of yoga and mindfulness meditation; and crime prevention, in an effort to evolve police culture.


Instagram: @TheYogaCop

LinkedIn: Amy Boudreau, B.A., ICPS

Twitter: @TheYogaCop & @AmyBoudreauICPS



Evidence-Based Policing (EBP)

  • Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing (CANSEBP): is an Association of policepractitioners, academic researchers, public policy-makers and others, whose mission is tofoster the creation and mobilization of quality research in order to make evidence-basedapproaches a cornerstone of policing in Canada. Join as a member for FREE to gainaccess to EBP resources:
  • Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy (CEBCP): Symposium June 29, 2020 Fairfax,Virginia, USA. Visit: America Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP): Conference June 1-2, 2020Washington, DC, USA. Visit: 


Law Enforcement Social Media (LESM)

  • SMILE Conference: is the leading training conference devoted to Social Media, theInternet and Law Enforcement initiatives. The SMILE Conference, now together with theiSMILE Conference (investigations), has pioneered the adoption of social media by lawenforcement agencies across the world for public outreach, crime prevention, andforensics since 2010. The SMILE Conference has become both the go-to and most trustedsource by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Come to learn from the best and networkwith an international audience of police social media practitioners.Visit:
  • Toronto Police College, Social Media in Communications Training: &a


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