Oct. 17, 2020

Force Science: Unlocking Potential in Law Enforcement with Dr. Bill Lewinski

Force Science: Unlocking Potential in Law Enforcement with Dr. Bill Lewinski

Back for the second time on the Tactical Breakdown Podcast, Dr. Bill Lewinski sits down to talk Force Science and the underlying reason behind how officers are taught in the academy.

Not only is he the Executive Director and Lead Instructor at the Force Science Institute, Bill is a leading behavioral scientist whose work has focused on the intensive study of human dynamics involved in high stress, life-threatening encounters.He specializes in police psychology and in this episode we take a deeper dive into just that. 

Dr. Lewinski talks about the newest study that identifies where we need to be to make our officers most effective, containing, controlling and offsetting situations. As well as 2 new studies he is apart of which are journals in forensic science, bullet strikes and bullet dynamics. Human performance dynamics that people accessing a scene need to understand.

He is a very popular presenter in the law enforcement industry and has spoken at conferences across North America and the United Kingdom. 

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As mentioned at the end of the show: Force Science and Virtra are offering 12 scholarships for officers or instructors to attend a 5 day certification course. The scholarships are valued at $1700 and are fully paid for.  You must be a Law Enforcement Officer and be able to attend in 2021. You can also nominate an instructor of your choice. Go here to registerhttps://www.forcescience.org/apply/

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