Nov. 27, 2019

Freeze! - Martial Arts and Human Reactions with Randy King

Freeze! - Martial Arts and Human Reactions with Randy King

Adam and Randy take a deep look at martial arts training and discuss the overlap between civilian martial arts programs and agency-based DT training systems. Starting from the beginning, Randy explains how he developed his FREEZE model for training and how it is relevant to anyone in a life or death encounter.


Randy King is an accomplished, impactful, internationally acclaimed mentor, public speaker, and author. He has a hunger to demystify the psychology of violence through evidence-based research. He is the host of the Randy King Live podcast which is a debate-style program centered around martial arts and defensive tactics systems.

A life-long martial artist, Randy embraced traditional training, having earned 2 black belts in different disciplines, including a 4th-degree in Modern Arnis.  In 2002, Randy’s perspective and confidence were shattered when he survived a stabbing while attempting to deescalate a violent situation while he was employed at an Edmonton club as Head of Security.  Randy realized that the old ways did not serve as a functional platform for self-defence and he became determined to redefine the self-defence industry. 

His progressive and innovative methods give people a realistic, easy to digest set of tools to help identify conflict, the communication around conflict, and if need be, employ physical techniques to escape and evade an attack.



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