Jan. 13, 2022

Greg Williams & Brian Marren: Predicting Danger w/ Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis

Greg Williams & Brian Marren: Predicting Danger w/ Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis

Today’s episode of The Tactical Breakdown Podcast features our partners at Arcadia Cognerati, an organization operating on the belief that risk should be mitigated, not managed.

At the helm is Greg Williams, a decorated law enforcement professional and decorated veteran soldier with over 45 years of combined experience and expertise. Over the past 30 years, Greg has developed cutting-edge Human Behavior Profiling techniques. He invented Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis (HBPR&A) and was the pioneer of “Left of Bang” predictive analysis.

Brian Marren is Arcadia’s Senior VP of Operations. He is a decorated Marine, High Threat Protection security professional, and Subject Matter Expert on HBPR&A. Brian has spent the last eighteen years conducting both real world and training operations all over the world. 

HBPR&A trains individuals to be both PREDICTIVE and PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE. It is the only vetted, tested, and validated method currently available that is proven to increase your situational awareness all while promoting Advanced Critical Thinking abilities. 

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Arcadia Cognerati specializes in assessing, developing, and conducting training and education to address urgent safety and security needs. They provide a systematic approach that enables trainees to make proactive decisions in chaotic situations in a timely manner. Their team of subject matter experts have created training for the U.S. Government, Military, Police & First Responders, and a variety of public and private organizations around the world. 

Brian and Greg also host The Left of Greg Podcast, where they discuss all things human behaviour and increase your understanding of HBPR&A and therefore, your Advanced Critical Thinking ability. Have a listen to Greg William’s 10 Rules of Human Behaviour!

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