May 5, 2021

Harvey Hedden: Executive Director, ILEETA

Harvey Hedden: Executive Director, ILEETA

Harvey V. Hedden is ILEETA’s Executive Director, having previously served as Deputy Executive Director for six years. He spoke with Adam about the importance of always learning. This was recorded live at the Ileta conference in St. Louis earlier this year and covers what is going on at the conference and why you should join in 2022. 

Harvey served 38 years in law enforcement in ranks from patrolman to chief.  He spent 22 years in narcotics enforcement and was the Project Director for the Southeast Area Drug Operations Group.  Harvey has a B.A. in political science from the University of Wisconsin and has been a law enforcement trainer for 36 years, having trained thousands of officers in the U.S. and abroad in a variety of subject areas, including use of force, investigations, firearms and defensive tactics.  In these areas he has testified as an expert witness, written numerous articles and was a contributor to many law enforcement training videos, books and guides.

Harvey’s goals for the future of ILEETA include development of more networking and distance learning opportunities for ILEETA members, increasing member benefits and enhanced sharing of training concepts and technology to continue the ILEETA mission, “Wisdom and courage through knowledge and skill”.

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