March 22, 2020

IRT - Round 02 - Part 1 of 3 - Officer-Involved Shootings

IRT - Round 02 - Part 1 of 3 - Officer-Involved Shootings

Round 02 – Officer-Involved Shootings - Part 1 of 3

What are the major concerns with Officer Involved Shootings for our Law Enforcement officers? Join us as we discuss the before, during, and after of OIS incidents. We cover the psychology and physiology of lethal force on force incidents, reports, recovery, mental health, body-worn cameras, command responsibility, media, and everything in between.


The Instructors’ Roundtable (ITR) is a Panel Discussion, recorded live to video, moderated by Tactical Breakdown’s host Adam Kinakin in association with the team at Calibre Press. The program brings together the most sought-after Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Law Enforcement for a no-holds-barred discussion on a variety of topics.



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IRT Use of Force Panel:

Lt. Jim Glennon

Steve Nolan

Laura Scarry

Chris Lussow


The Instructors’ Roundtable is an ongoing program hosted Live on the last Thursday of every month at 1800 CST. You can view the live show and previous episodes by visiting

Coming up in 2020:

Round 03: Firearms Training in Law Enforcement – March 26th

Round 04: Active Threat Incidents – April 30th

Round 05: Critical Incident Response Teams – May 28th

Join the top Instructors and Trainers in the world for an inside look at what the experts discuss when the course is over and the doors are closed.

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