April 21, 2020

IRT - Round 03 - Firearms Training in Law Enforcement

IRT - Round 03 - Firearms Training in Law Enforcement

Round 03 – Firearms Training in Law Enforcement

Firearms are a reality for most Law Enforcement Officer and Departments around the world. Whether an officer carries a dedicated sidearm, accesses a long gun in their patrol vehicle, or calls for specially trained units, firearms training takes place in every agency around the world. 

Join us as we discuss the realities of firearms training from the instructor standpoint. Where should we be focusing our efforts, what methods or systems are recommended, and what does all of this mean for the police department in terms of policy and liability? These are a few of the topics covered in this 3-hour panel discussion.   

WATCH IT HERE: https://thebreakdown.ca/IRT

The Instructors’ Roundtable (ITR) is a Panel Discussion, recorded live to video, moderated by Tactical Breakdown’s host Adam Kinakin in association with the team at Calibre Press. The program brings together the most sought-after Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Law Enforcement for a no-holds-barred discussion on a variety of topics.



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IRT Firearms Training Panel:

Joseph"Little Joe" Fererra

Todd Fletcher

Paulo Grandis

Alexandra Nelson


The Instructors’ Roundtable is an ongoing program hosted Live on the last Thursday of every month at 1800 CST. You can view the live show and previous episodes by visiting https://thebreakdown.ca/IRT.

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Join the top Instructors and Trainers in the world for an inside look at what the experts discuss when the course is over and the doors are closed.

You can learn more about the Instructors’ Roundtable and the Tactical Breakdown podcast by visiting https://thebreakdown.ca.


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