Sept. 25, 2020

Lee Patterson on Training and Policing Differences between Canada and the U.K.

Lee Patterson on Training and Policing Differences between Canada and the U.K.

Lee Patterson is a Staff Sargent within Vancouver Police assigned to the Real Time Intelligence Centre Operations. He has experience of policing in two countries and across 4 cities. In this episode we spoke to Lee about his experience working in England, where up until 1992, police officers rarely carried a firearm. He also spoke to us about the 2011 riots after Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final; he told us where he was and where it went wrong that night. 

Lee has specialized within the fields of public order and anti-terrorist and crime scene search. Lee has a Masters Degree in Disaster Emergency Management undertaken at Royal Roads University and considers himself as an informed and experienced practitioner within the emergency management field. He also holds the ASIS International Board Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation. In 2019 Lee qualified to the advanced level of CPTED. He is a Sessional Instructor in two Divisions of the Justice Institute of British Columbia where he teaches both online and face to face in many security and emergency management related subjects. Lee has been a member of research groups including the JIBC SIMTEC Group, and the BC DVI Committee. Lee has delivered many presentations at local and international conferences and workshops.

Lee was proud to represent Canada as the Chief Search Coordinator for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games securing the official athletes residences and game sites and being a public order tactical advisor and commander in the entertainment area during the games. 

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