Dec. 16, 2021

"Little" Joe Ferrera - Threat Pattern Recognition in Firearms Training

"Little" Joe Ferrera - Threat Pattern Recognition in Firearms Training

At the 2021 ILEETA Conference, Tactical Breakdown host Adam Kinakin is joined by “Little Joe” Ferrera, use of force, subject control & firearms trainer. Joe began his career in 1977 and has worked for Federal, County, and City Law Enforcement and Corrections. He has presented at ASLET, IALEFI, ALETC, and ILEETA and across North America. At the 2021 ILEETA Conference, Joe instructed courses on Threat Pattern Recognition and Firearms to instructors passionate about training. 

In this episode, Adam & Joe dive into his fascinating Threat Pattern Recognition program. Joe shares patterns discovered during research on how officers are being assaulted with firearms. He offers insight on using these statistics to develop techniques and create training for the most likely scenario to increase overall safety. Joe stresses an understanding of human factors, data, and tactics involved in shooting incidents – and none of these are taught on the range. 

Joe says, “there are spontaneous, unexpected, ambush-type assaults on officers every day all around the world.” Most of these incidents are in extremely close quarters, within minutes of first contact, and result in wounds of the face, neck, and upper torso. Joe and Adam discuss the need for officers to maintain distance or cover to increase the probability of a good outcome and remove the possibility of contact shooting. They also talk about training outside of your bubble, challenges, and advances in firearms training, and force-on-force training. 

Joe hopes for his students to go home and drive their own learning, expand on the knowledge he provides, and think critically about how to improve and progress the law enforcement profession. 

More about our guest: 

Joe Ferrera is on staff at a local academy and currently works for a 1400 officer agency in the Detroit Michigan area in the training division. He is a staff instructor with PPCT Management Systems/Human Factors Science and a former staff instructor for Off Shoots Training Institute. “Little Joe” has also assisted with officer survival training and hands-on courses and appeared on the Law Enforcement Television Network and

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