Feb. 20, 2022

Robert Chadwick: The FBI Tactical Training Unit (TTU)

Robert Chadwick: The FBI Tactical Training Unit (TTU)

Robert Chadwick is the Former Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Tactical Training Program. Among many other responsibilities, Robert was also the FBI’s National Academy Program Coordinator. He retired recently from the FBI after 28 years of service in law enforcement. 

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Robert’s career started as a patrolman and later a canine handler for an agency in Washington, DC, before moving on to the FBI where he spent the bulk of his career running the firearms and tactics training program in South Carolina. He was assigned as an Agent In Charge for United States Attorney General William P. Barr’s protection detail. From there, Robert was selected for the Tactical Training Unit Chief slot at Quantico, finishing his career where it began years ago. 

In this episode, Adam and Robert take a look at the FBI’s core mission and values, particularly their focus on training and support. They discuss becoming a certified tactical instructor, technological advances in training, selection processes, and human factors. Robert highlights the training at Quantico currently including specific programs, fitness standards, prerequisites and requirements, adult learning principles, instructor development and so much more. There is a whole lot to unpack in this episode! 

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Robert Chadwick specializes in workplace violence preparation and response training. He is the Founder of The Holdfast Security Group, a security consulting and training company made up exclusively of retired FBI Agents from the Tactical Training Unit at Quantico, the U.S. Attorney General's Protection Detail and the elite Hostage Rescue Team. These highly skilled professionals spent lengthy careers preparing Agents for whatever the job threw at them. Now, they put that experience to work helping organizations and individuals protect themselves, regain peace of mind and develop confidence in their ability to protect what matters most. Click here to train with the men and women from Quantico. 


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