March 1, 2022

Special Episode: The Crisis in Ukraine

Special Episode: The Crisis in Ukraine

This conversation was recorded on February 28th, 2022. All opinions of those involved are theirs alone and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of any respective agency or organization. 

Join us for a REAL-TIME recap of the current occupation of Ukraine by Russian forces and a breakdown of the root cause of this conflict.

Main topics include:

  • The history between Ukraine & Russia
  • Cultural, ideological, and religious differences.
  • Allied Nations, the UN, and NATO.
  • Cyber Warfare.
  • Timing & Vladimir Putin's core motivations for engaging in conflict.
  • Traditional vs Unconventional Warefare.
  • and more.

Special thanks to our amazing guests/SMEs who volunteered their time to sit down and discuss this rapidly evolving situation.

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