Dec. 28, 2021

Steve Nash: The Truth Behind Training & Leadership

Steve Nash: The Truth Behind Training & Leadership

Steve Nash is a retired Lieutenant-Colonel and Infantry-Airborne-Ranger with almost 25 years of military experience serving Canada at home and abroad. Having served most of his military career in operational units, he has also served as an instructor/mentor for officers at the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College in Kingston.

In addition to commanding at the platoon level (40 people) and company level (150 people) for over 10 years; he also served as a staff officer for both operations (600 people) and personnel administration (4500 people).

With experience in airborne, airmobile, and specialist/light infantry units in the jungle, mountain, desert, arctic, urban, and CBRNE environments, he is a Distinguished Honor Graduate of US Army Ranger School. Steve was also selected to serve in Canada’s Special Operations community where he completed his military service as Operations Officer, Deputy Commanding Officer, and then Commanding Officer within Canada’s two strategic ‘special mission’ units.

As a student of leadership and human dynamic, Steve has worked with a wide variety of organizations (RCMP, Tier 1 SOF, FBI Academy Association, Ontario Tactical Advisory Body, Iron Stride Triathlon Training, Corrections Ontario, Probation Officers Association of Ontario, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Ontario Police Association, Canadian Forces College, 2 CF Flight Training School, St Lawrence College, Queen’s University, Halton Regional Police, Kingston Police, and Regina Police SWAT Roundup) through presentations and workshops to assist in considering best practices, building best teams with best leaders and achieving best results. Of note, Steve has worked with OTAB since 2005 in creating and conducting the challenging and successful Tactical Team Leaders’ Course.

He has a BA from RRMC/RMC (89) and an MDS (03) from RMC as well as a Bachelor’s (10) and Master’s (12) Degree in Education with a Leadership specialty.

Steve has studied martial arts for over 33 years and was graded to an 8th-degree black belt in January 2014 by Takemasa Okuyama. Further, he is an unarmed combat, use of force, and defensive tactics instructor.


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