Dec. 19, 2019

The Human Element: Building Communtiy During Crisis with Bryan Ward

The Human Element: Building Communtiy During Crisis with Bryan Ward

Are you building a ‘human face’ into your department or agency? Dive into the importance of building relationships within the community and Bryan explains why children should be the primary focus for community policing programs around the world.

Even though they are over 8000 miles (13,000 km) apart, fellow podcasters Adam and Bryan find commonality in human response to tragic events, such as the terrorist attacks that took place in Christchurch, NZ in March 2019. Bryan discusses the personal effects of that incident, the impact on the community, and how the community policing initiatives practiced by the NZ Police Force allowed them to quickly reinstill the public’s confidence in their efforts.


Bryan Ward is a Senior Constable in Auckland, New Zealand. He has 23 years of police experience with 13 years in community policing. During that time, he was able to solve a number of crimes through his community contacts and networking.

His experience includes being the lead trainer for the Neighbourhood Policing Teams across New Zealand, facilitating and running training courses including community constable courses and UK conversation courses.

In 2004 he created 'Bryan and Bobby', a concept that was picked up as a TV series and educational resource and has been running on a number of platforms for over 15 years. In that time, Bryan has presented/performed live to over 1.8 million kids in that period from Houhora to Invercargill (top of New Zealand to the bottom).

He has been a keynote speaker for both NZ blue light conferences and NSW police blue light conferences and recently made a return to front line policing in 2015.



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