March 9, 2021

33. Tiffini Brock: Founder of Unblocked Body

33. Tiffini Brock: Founder of Unblocked Body

Tiffini Brock (Steding), the founder of Unblocked Body, is an entrepreneur and wellness enthusiast that believes the answer to our dissatisfaction with our physical appearance is hidden within our own subconscious. As a self-imposed researcher of psychological and neurological modalities, she has developed a program that can help its participants unlock their minds and give them the power to make changes on a physical level. 

Tiffini is a graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville and was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She now resides in Austin, Texas which ranks as the healthiest city in Texas (11th place in the nation). 

You can learn more about how to shape your body by unblocking your subconscious at or by following @unblockedbody on Facebook and Instagram.

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