Sept. 1, 2020

9. Listening to your Body with Projector & FNTP Ashley Ihemelu

9. Listening to your Body with Projector & FNTP Ashley Ihemelu

Y'all are gonna LOVE this episode! So excited to have my first guest on our podcast. And before you forget - TOTALLY go follow Dr. Ashley Medicine Woman on IG!!! I coined that name for her and though we joke (she is not an actual MD)...she has helped me more health-wise than most actual doctors I've ever worked with in my life. She lives 5 doors down from us, has an amazing family and is SUPER gifted in the world of nutrition. She doesn't talk about this but in addition to being a bad-a** FNTP (functional nutritional therapy practicioner), she is also a Reiki practicioner and Yoga instructor. In this episode we talk some human design and alot about health - specifically adrenal fatigue, post partum anxiety/depression, the wear and tear on Mom's bodies, menopause, all of it! And small steps you can take to heal from any issues having to do with being a woman who is depleted in any way. If you don't have instagram her contact info is below:


Functional nutritional therapy practitioner FNTP

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