Sept. 1, 2020

Diagnosed with COVID: Brijet Whitney Shares the Tumultuous Journey

Diagnosed with COVID:  Brijet Whitney Shares the Tumultuous Journey
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We all are no strangers to change during these times, and Brijet Whitney is no exception. A mother of 3, entrepreneur, professional dancer, and wife of now retired NHL player Ray Whitney, Brijet may have been more accustomed to change at a moment’s notice than most. But nothing could have prepared her for testing positive for coronavirus, and the sudden lifestyle changes and adjustments, both physical and mental, she’d have to make thereafter.

Brijet gives us an up close and personal perspective of how her life, habits, and mindset changed after having coronavirus. Her mental struggle regarding whether or not she could have been responsible for spreading the virus when she was a carrier is a unique perspective that sheds a different light on how preventative measures and safety are beneficial to not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.

Brijet is the founder of Our Hockey Life, a podcast dedicated to providing community and resource guides for families of professional hockey players. For more on Brijet, check out her podcast, or find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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