June 29, 2021

Emilie Iggiotti and The Photos That Speak A Thousand Words

Emilie Iggiotti and The Photos That Speak A Thousand Words

Emilie Iggiotti is a portrait photographer from a tiny French island in the Indian Ocean, not far from Madagascar, called Reunion Island. A world traveler, she studied in Versailles, France, lived in Normandy, Paris, Montreal, and now, lives in Edmonton, AB. While she originally studied literature and law, the legal industry lacked the creativity and connection that photography gives her. She found her purpose with photography. She started as a wedding photographer in France and then moved to Canada in 2010. She had to start over in Quebec but after a few years of photographing weddings, she felt uninspired by her work. When she moved to Edmonton in 2016, she knew she was ready to focus on portraits and decided to rebrand herself as a portrait photographer. 

Since then, her work as a lifestyle and portrait photographer, focusing on women, allows her to shape the way her clients see themselves – which is an invaluable gift. She now helps women through imagery and wants to empower every woman to step into her own light, whether personally or through entrepreneurship. She photographs women at all stages of their lives. Her latest offering called "The Crone" encourages women over 50 to step in front of her camera and share their story. We all have these Wise Women in our lives and it’s time for them to b seen and celebrated.  

For more on Emilie and her work, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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