Feb. 25, 2020

Living your Purpose with Kacie Rainey

Living your Purpose with Kacie Rainey

From Losing your dad to cancer at 17 to finding a lump in your breast at 21, feeling completely lost in life, finding your purpose in life, and transforming the lives of thousands with your work. What a journey!

Today's special guest, Kacie Rainey is stepping into our Inner Circle to tell her tale. She specializes in 3D hyper-realism, certified in "paramedical micro-pigmentation specialist" who works with the best doctors fighting breast cancer.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Kacie recalls her raw life and talks about how the pain to purpose ratio lead her into her growth path.
  • Her passion for entrepreneurship and helping others was given to her by her dad. He was a go-getter, he was highly respected in the business world based on his kindness and willingness to give everyone a chance, and her role model.
  • She talks about when she was bullied in school, how it has changed today with cellphones and Social Media, how it impacts the lives of everyone and her process of taking pain from different areas of her life and letting them go until she could say them without crying. 
  • As her father's strength weakened, he gathered his courage and guided the family into peacefulness and taught her the importance of union, braveness, and change.
  • Every year her dad used to write a letter to everyone in the family, right until the last week before he passed, he updated the "last letter" and read it to them.
  • Kacie explains her formula for success, mindset plus practice is what will transform your life, and how to achieve it.
  • After Business School Kacie didn't know what direction to go until she got her "A-HA" moment when she stopped looking for it.


  • ”Life is a privilege, each day is a privilege, do right by others, treat people how you would like to be treated, always give more than you’ll ever take in life, but lead by example”.
  • ”Your purpose comes from a place from taking pain and turning it into a purpose”.
  • "Grief can just set up in your heart and sit there until you choose to unlock it".
  • "He read his letter, and it was the most beautiful pain you'll ever experience in your life because you got to have that moment with that person".
  • "It wasn't closure, it was a send-off back into the world".
  • "Your body is just matter and your soul is what carries on".
  • "When you know your purpose, you don't even question it, you just do it".



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